Producer’s Periodical, Episode 1

Hello! My name is Dustin Kochensparger, and I am the producer on Project Memento! Approximately once a week, I am going to try and post updates about the ongoing development of the game, as well as any cool stuff that may have been produced during the week.

This week’s entry is going to be pretty short, as the work that is going on right now is mostly buildup to the really cool stuff. We have been hard at work solidifying the overall style of the game, so that development on our Flash engine can continue. This engine, called the “Horizon Engine”, is our first attempt at creating a custom engine using Stage 3D as a basis. Sometime soon, I’ll have our engine programmer(s) write up a MUCH more detailed look at the engine. We’re also getting started on asset creation now that our artist is back in town, so keep an eye out for some concept pieces soon! Finally, we’re working with a great new composer to get a beautiful soundtrack made to accompany the game.

Production is starting to pick up speed, and I expect that the next updates will be MUCH more interesting, so stay tuned!


“Let’s Keep the Peace!”


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