Producer’s Periodical, Episode 2

Hello again! Dustin here, with another update from the producer. Development is now almost fully underway, and things are coming together on almost all the various parts of the game. Engine development is still moving forward on schedule, with many of the core systems in place to hit our first milestone. Art is moving forward as well, with a style guide slated for completion early this week, A second artist has joined as well, who  specializes in paintings; she will be working on larger matte style scenes for the game. We have also been working with a composer to start working out the various musical pieces for the game, and have settled on a main theme, which will hopefully be posted up soon. We have finally sourced someone to produce sound effects as well, and preliminary foley effects are being made now.


Overall, the first milestone, which hits on Wednesday, will be mostly a tech demo, but it should really help solidify the game in the minds of the rest of the team, and help bring everyone’s vision together. If possible, I will post a link to it here, so you can see the first bit of our vision for the game.


I think that’s all for now. Feel free to post questions in the comments!


“Let’s Keep the Peace!”



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