Producer’s Periodical, Episode 3

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd we’re back! Sorry for the long hiatus, folks, but the summer was not kind to our schedules. However, today is the first day of classes here at sunny RIT, so things are finally getting sorted out, and development will hit a much more rapid pace.


Progress has been slower than expected, following a busier end to August than was anticipated, but we have pulled together a second gameplay demo, which adds in the sound and music, to help us see if the mood and feel are correct for the game. We have also added a new member, Matt Ferguson , who will be assisting us with the level design for the games various generated gameplay segments.


I will try to get back on a regular posting schedule, and also hope to have more information about the game added sometime soon. Thanks for your patience as we get built back up, and push through to full completion sometime within the next month or two. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride!



“Let’s Keep the Peace!”


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