Hello again! Dustin here with another short update for you.

Firstly, everyone’s finally back! Having our whole team in the same place makes it a lot easier to actually work together on the project. We are working to find good meeting times, and everyone is getting into a good rhythm for their schoolwork. We have also added the talents of two additional artists to our team, who will be assisting us with the creation of textures and backgrounds for the game’s levels.

We also have a plan to try and complete the majority of the game by the end of September, to give ourselves about a month to polish and perfect the game before submission. We hope to be able to complete 5 episodes in that time, which will be a reasonable amount of play time, and also allow for a fair bit of story within that time.

Finally, I would like to share another piece of art with you all – an epilogue scene for the end of one of the episodes. This scene appears after one of the levels ends, and acts as the epilogue to the episode. It was made by Maggie Dolensky, one of our artists on this project. Hope you like it!



“Let’s Keep the Peace!”


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